United States vs. Andrew Kowalski

The United States of America vs. Andrew Kowalski, et al.  In this 2013 Federal criminal case from the Federal Court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco, our attorneys successfully defended an accused charged with nine counts of conspiracy and visa and immigration fraud based on the allegations that the client was responsible for arranging over a hundred of fraudulent marriages to obtain green cards.  Client was facing up to four years of potential federal prison time and, as often happens in federal cases, going to trial was not a viable option given the overwhelming evidence against the client and the risk of significant increase in prison time if trial was lost.  However, our law firm made a rather unconventional and bold decision to reject the prosecution’s offer and to put up a fight at an evidentiary sentencing hearing which ended in a resounding defeat for the prosecution who sought to prove that the client deserved a lengthy sentence.  Client was sentenced to 18 months, well below what the prosecution had offered. It would have been much safer and cheaper for our law firm to accept the deal and to convince the client that it was the best option possible.  However, agreeing to a plea bargain agreement would have been contrary to our core beliefs and values of never giving up and always fighting for the very best result regardless of the cost and effort involved.  (Name of the client has been changed for privacy reasons).