United States vs. John Claimant

The United States of America vs. $100,000 in U.S. Currency (John Smith Claimant).  In this recent federal asset forfeiture case out of the Federal Court for Central California District in Los Angeles, our law firm achieved a swift and unequivocal victory by recovering $80,000 or 80 percent for the client.  Our law firm’s knowledge and reputation in the asset forfeiture practice area was critical to this success.  The government attorneys accepted an offer they could not refuse because they knew that we possessed the requisite competence and courage to challenge the lawfulness of the seizure of the currency based on unlawfulness of the seizure and/or lack of probable cause.  Client was extremely pleased with a quick settlement because the ongoing litigation would have been costly.  In addition, there was an appreciable risk that client could have lost everything at trial because he ultimately did not have any documents or credible arguments that the money came from a legitimate source.  (Name of the client has been changed for privacy reasons).