The editorial is based on the editor's experience with a friend of their's --Leo--who relates how marijuana makes him feel better. In the case of the editors of the Daily Bulletin, Leo has written a blog in which he explains how marijuana makes him feel better and cope with his ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's disease).

That's the good news about medical marijuana. When people know someone who is sick and that person explains or demonstrates that marijuana is helpful to them, that personal connection trumps all the government pronouncements and propaganda that we are bombarded with.

And that's also the bad news about the prospects of making the criminal laws regarding marijuana more sane. Right now many people who haven't looked at the issue are likely to be sacred away by what the government says about drugs in general and marijuana in particular. Many people therefore give the government the benefit of the doubt.

That's why so many people will continue to be arrested and face prison time just because they try to use marijuana to make them feel less sick. The battle for people's minds and hearts is being waged one sick person at a time. And that's why every editorial, every personal story, every contact that humanizes the sick people who need to use marijuana are so important.

Until the day arrives when enough hearts and minds have seen the truth, we will continue to protect the rights of those people who need to use medical marijuana.