We know that many innocent people are often charged with a sexual offense that they have not committed, and we pledge to offer our clients an aggressive legal defense to protect their rights.

We have experience in handling sexual misconduct cases throughout the state of California and possess the knowledge, skill, dedication and resources to challenge the charges against you.

Our experience in defending people accused of wide variety of sexual offenses include:

  • Sexual assault or sexual battery
  • Rape, date rape, or attempted rape
  • Child molestation or sexual abuse
  • Prostitution or pandering
  • Child pornography
  • Indecent exposure or lewd conduct
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Obscenity and pornography
  • Failure to register as a convicted sex offender


We fully understand the sensitive nature of being charged with a sexual offense, and we make every effort to provide discrete, confidential and compassionate representation to our clients accused of sex crimes. We can personally meet with you to explain how we can help you solve your pending legal problem.