California's parole and probation system is very complicated, and when you are on probation or parole, even conduct that seems very normal and innocent can get you in trouble, and even potentially send you to prison.

For years we have defended the rights of those who have been arrested while they are on probation or parole. Clients who are in this situation need an aggressive two-step strategy. They need to be protected both with respect to the new arrest and a charge that the arrest violates the parole or probation. We have represented clients in numerous probation violation hearings. In situations involving parole, where clients are not entitled to attorney representation before a parole board, we have provided valuable advice and counsel. The following case study is one example of how we have successfully defended those who are arrested while they are on probation or parole.
Parole/Probation Violations Case Study

Client Avoids 90-Day Jail Term for Probation Violation

One of our clients was on felony probation in Orange County when she was arrested on a DUI charge in Los Angeles County. She was then also arrested by Orange County for violating her probation. The judge in Orange County said that he was inclined to send the client to county jail for 90 days on the probation violation, Mr. Lentz, however, convinced the prosecutor to call off probation violation proceedings, and release the client from jail, until the DUI charge was resolved. The client faced jail if the Los Angeles case resulted in any misdemeanor conviction, even a relatively minor one such as dry reckless or exhibition of speed. Mr. Lentz successfully challenged the DUI charge and on the eve of trial resolved the case for a plea to a speeding ticket infraction. The probation violation went away and the client avoided a 90-day jail term.