We are one of California’s leading marijuana law firms and Jacek W. Lentz has significant experience in defending marijuana cases throughout the state. We have a passionate and uncompromising belief that no one should be put in jail or suffer significant consequences for possession of marijuana. We are particularly dedicated to defending the rights of medical marijuana patients and qualified caregivers who we believe should be free from arrest and criminal prosecution. Mr. Lentz has obtained dismissals and excellent results in marijuana cases involving medical marijuana patients, caregivers, collectives, cooperatives and storefront dispensaries. He has extensive knowledge of both the law, the science relating to cannabis, and the medical benefits of marijuana.

This knowledge has made the diffference for many clients, including those that have been unsuccessfully represented by other lawyers. Every case is different, and there is no guarantee of what might happen in your specific situation. However, we can assure all clients that they will be well served by contacting us if marijuana charges are involved. We have advised and counseled numerous medical medical dispensaries including individuals who are planning to open one. While our advice to potential clinics is simple - do not do it - we will gladly meet with you to discuss your risks as well as guidelines in operating a dispensary in compliance with California law. Here are some specific examples of medical marijuana cases that we have handled.

Medical Marijuana Case Study

Client Facing Two-Years in State Prison Serves Two Days in County Jail.

In 2004, Robert received a license from a Los Angeles physician who authorized him to use and grow marijuana for medical purposes. The following year, the police arrested Robert in his house after the police and fire department entered his house to put out a cooking fire. Despite the fact that Robert showed the police his physician's recommendation for medical use of marijuana, he was arrested and was charged with illegal cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale. Robert's case was complicated because he was also facing probation violation, relating to a prior conviction for illegal marijuana cultivation. After working with another attorney for a year, the best offer the prosecutors offered was a two-year sentence in state prison. A friend recommended that Robert contact Jacek W. Lentz.

Jacek W. Lentz aggressively began to prepare for trial. He consulted with medical marijuana expert witnesses who the previous lawyer did not even know existed, and over time convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charges. Robert served two days in county jail for two misdemeanors, and is still permitted to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Note: To maintain confidentiality, name of client was changed to Robert

Medical Marijuana Client Testimonial

“From the moment I met Jacek Lentz, I was confident that my medical marijuana case was in good hands. Before working with Jacek I had met with several other attorneys that advised me to plead guilty. But thanks to Jacek’s extensive knowledge of California’s medical marijuana laws, his dedication to my case and his tenacity in the courtroom, he was able to get my charges dismissed. Rather then telling me what a good lawyer he was, which is what it seemed like all my other attorneys did, Jacek focused on my problems and got the job done. I would recommend him to anybody, he truly cares about your case, is knowledgeable about your options, and fights hard for you.”

Terry Walker, San Diego