DUI Client Testimonials

DUI Client Testimonial

“After interviewing dozens of lawyers, I chose Jacek because my gut feeling told me he would fight for me and care about my case. He delivered beyond my wildest expectations. He kept me out of jail on a probation violation charge that resulted from a DUI arrest, and eventually got both my probation violation charge dropped and DUI charge reduced to an infraction. Everyone involved in my case, from the Arresting Officer to the District Attorney was amazed at the results Jacek achieved. He is the best at what he does, is honest and upfront about your situation, and works incredibly hard for you. He saved my life.” PP, Orange County, CA

DUI Client Case Study

In 2005, one of our clients was convicted of a drug-related felony in Orange County and placed on probation for three years. Several months later, she was arrested on a DUI charge in Los Angeles County. As a result of the DUI charge, her Probation Officer in Orange County immediately placed her under arrest and she was required to go to court in Orange County on probation violation charges.

In Orange County, defendants who are charged with violating their probation do not have the right to post bail. Essentially, once arrested, they are sent straight to jail for a minimum of two weeks and released only when a Probation Report is generated and a probation violation hearing is scheduled. A probation violation hearing is basically a mini-trial. Here, a conviction on the probation violation charges would have resulted in an automatic 90-day sentence in Orange County jail.

How Jacek W. Lentz Helped

The only way the client could avoid the automatic 90-day jail time was to: (1) delay the probation violation hearing in Orange County, and (2) get the DUI charges in Los Angeles county dismissed or reduced to a ticket/infraction. In Orange County, judge, who had a reputation as being very tough on defendants, initially wanted to jail Mr. Lentz’s client for 90 days right away, but Mr. Lentz convinced the District Attorney’s office to withdraw the probation violation case until the DUI case in Los Angeles was resolved.

A few weeks later, Mr. Lentz and his client were in Los Angeles fighting the DUI charges. In order to avoid jail time in Orange County, the client could not be convicted of a misdemeanor in Los Angeles; a misdemeanor or felony conviction would violate the probation in Orange County. Knowing this, Mr. Lentz fought vigorously to have the DUI charges dropped, and was on the verge of bringing the case to trial (the presiding judge had called for a jury to be assembled to hear the case) when he struck a deal with the City Attorney to resolve the case for a speeding ticket infraction. Infractions such as speeding do not violate probation in Orange County, so the client’s probation violation case went away, and the client didn’t have to jail or suffer any other consequences. She also saved thousands of dollars in insurance premiums by not having a DUI or any other driving-related misdemeanor conviction on her driving record.