No area has seen a greater increase in prosecutions and new laws than drugs and narcotics. Indeed, the power and the authorities have been expanding drastically under the so-called “war on drug.” The penalties for drug related activities range from fines for misdemeanors, to incarcerations in county jail or state prison for possession with intent to sell for felonies, to the death penalty for drug trafficking kingpins.

We have many years of experience successfully representing clients on a variety of drug and narcotics charges -- ranging from misdemeanor offenses such as simple possession of a controlled substance for personal use to felonies such as possession with intent to distribute or actual sales. We have represented clients throughout California including in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Our firm has also defended cases involving significant amounts of marijuana and medical marijuana in Northern California in places as such Sonoma, Mendocino, Marin, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara and Humboldt counties. We have also defended narcotics cases in California Central Valley, in such diverse cities as Bakersfield, Fresno, Hartford, Sacramento and Colusa, among others.

Common drugs and narcotics charges that we can assist you with include:

• Simple possession for personal use
• Possession with intent to sell drugs 
• Sales 
• Transportation
• Possession within 1500 feet of a school or housing project
• Possession of drug paraphernalia
• Operating a facility where drugs and narcotics are manufactured or stored
• Manufacturing
• Loitering with the intent and purpose to commit a drug related offense; and
• Federal drugs and narcotics charges

Most of California state law statutes involving controlled substances and drugs are known as the California Uniform Controlled Substances Act (“UCSA”) and are codified throughout the California Health & Safety Code. All controlled substances whose possession is criminalized are categorized within Schedules I through V of the UCSA pursuant to California Health & Safety Code §§ 11054 – 11059 and classified into the following categories: opiates, opium derivatives, hallucinogenic substances, depressants, stimulants, nalorphine (lethidrone and nalline), narcotic drugs, anabolic steroids, chorionic gonadotropin (synthetic luteinizing hormone or LH), ketamine, fenfluramine, and “other substances” including pentazocine or analogs.

The order in which the drugs are categorized within the five (5) different Schedules of the UCSA does not appear to be logical. The drug categories are not matched to any particular Schedule; for example, different controlled substances classified as narcotic drugs will appear in several different Schedules. Neither are the Schedules organized to reflect whether a given drug is a prescription drug with potential legitimate medical use.

More importantly, the Schedules do not reflect the severity of punishment incurred upon a conviction involving the possession of a given drug or narcotic. Thus, a substance listed in a lower Schedule will sometimes carry the threat of greater punishment, and sometimes lengthier jail or prison sentence, than a substance listed in a higher Schedule.

If you, a member of your family, or a friend, are arrested or are under investigation for any drug offense, contact us immediately. We can personally meet with you in a confidential, thorough and free consultation to explain in detail how we can help you.