We have been defending assault and battery cases for years. Assault and battery cases are among the most misunderstood. Many times people are accused of both assault and battery, but they are separate crimes. There are different kinds of assault and battery and all of them have different punishments, which can include long prison sentences.

Assault generally involves an action or threat of immediate phyiscal harm or some kind of inappropriate physical contact. Battery, on the other hand, involves an actual touching or physical contact of some kind. These offenses are often charged together because threats of physical harm can be followed by an actual touching, but these charges can and often take place separately. Either there is some kind of touching or physical contact (battery) without an assault or there is some threat of imminent physical contact without any physical contact (assault).

The differences between assault and battery might seem insignificant, but they can make a big difference with respect to the seriousnes of the penalties and prison time you might face.