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I encourage you to contact me as soon as absolutely possible to set up a free and non-binding consultation. It is a point of pride and honor for me to make myself available to people in need promptly. I understand that a quick response to your case might mean the difference between your having to face a long, traumatic and expensive criminal litigation and charges being dismissed. I have staff who will respond to your phone call 24/7. Your case no matter how minor or small deserves my immediate attention. I will personally fight for you to achieve the best outcome possible in your case.

If you would like to talk about your case call me toll free 24/7 at 888 536-8948 (888 LENTZ4U), or or call my Los Angeles office at (213) 250 - 9200, or email me for a free confidential evaluation of your situation.

Jacek W. Lentz.