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We know that, if you or a loved one or friend has been accused of a crime, that is the single most important event in your life. That is why we have devoted our lives to becoming one of the premier criminal defense attorneys in LA County. Choosing or recommending the right criminal defense attorney can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. That is why we are pleased you have come to this site.

Whether your situation involves medical marijuana, DUI, assault & battery, a probation or parole issue, or any misdemeanor or felony, or whether you are a lawyer who does not practice criminal law, you can learn some basic information that may help you.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need a reputable attorney. You want an attorney who is aggressive, experienced and honest about your case. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you have found what you're looking for when you enter our office. When you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you want an attorney you can trust. Your arrest can be a pivotal point in your life and you need to have someone by your side who can help you make wise decisions concerning your future. We welcome your questions and are dedicated to giving you the best legal advice possible.

Attorney Jacek W. Lentz is a Los Angeles based attorney who has spent his career helping his clients get their lives back on track. Other attorneys work within several practice areas, our firm focuses only on criminal cases and asset forfeiture. By dedicating our time exclusively to these types of cases, our clients get the very best of what we have to offer.
We also limit our practice to Los Angeles County Courts. We work with the same prosecutors and judges on a daily basis and we know how what these legal professionals expect and require from those they interact with on a regular basis. This unique situation allows us to have the “home field advantage” when other attorneys may not be familiar with the county's way of handling cases.
Honesty and Dedication
If you have been convicted of a crime, you are more than likely confused and frustrated. You need to have your questions answered by someone who deals with these situations on a regular basis. You want honesty and compassion, not scare tactics and sugar coated nothings that will only mislead you. Plain and simple, you want to know the truth, bad, good or indifferent. The staff of Jacek. W. Lentz will help you understand your circumstances and give you their honest opinion of how you need to proceed. 
Most people don't like large law firms because they are too impersonal. Lawyers who work in large firms are often shuffled between cases, leaving their clients left to deal with whoever ends up across the table from them. There is no chance to create a working relationship or form a bond of trust. This is not the case with Jacek W. Lentz's staff.
Jacek W. Lentz meets with each of his clients on an individual basis. His team works hand in hand with him on each case, making sure he has all of the information he needs to represent each client. He is the first attorney you meet when you enter the office and he will be the one sitting next to you in the court room.
Communication between an attorney and their client is extremely important. Many attorneys need to improve their communication skills. Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Jacek W. Lentz prides himself on being an exceptional listener. He needs to understand their point of view as well as be able to offer them sound advice. He continually communicates with his clients throughout the duration of the case, updating them on changes in their case and making sure they are thoroughly prepared for court. He makes sure each and every phone call and email are promptly returned.
Aggressive Representation
Jacek W. Lentz and his reputable staff stand by their clients. They don't back down from a challenge and make sure they come to court fully prepared for an aggressive defense. He treats each of his client as if they were a member of his very own family.
Attorneys can claim to be hard-nosed and stubborn, but Jacek W. Lentz is both tactful and aggressive. His professionalism sets him apart from the rest of the crowd and his dedication to fight for his clients is obviously apparent. When he says he will fight for you, he takes those words literally and will do anything within his power to help you win his case. He uses tact and dignity to address issues, not anger and threats.
As an aggressive attorney, he believes that the key is to know absolutely everything there is to know about the case. He strives to know things the judge and prosecutors may have overlooked. His dedication to detail and aggressive preparation tactics are what has proven him to be a winner in the courts.
Experience and Reputation
Criminal law and Asset Forfeiture are quite unique. They are very complicated practice areas. Attorneys who practice within these specialized fields understand that it can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Jacek W. Lentz has dedicated his career to criminal law as well as asset forfeiture. He has chosen to focus solely on these practice areas so that he can give his clients the absolute best representation possible. We have handled both felonies and misdemeanors with each client leaving our office with a handshake and sense of accomplishment.
The Best Defense Is a Good Offense
Many attorneys let their staff do the majority of their casework. At Jacek W. Lentz's law office, he takes a hands on approach. He believes it is his job to discover information others may have missed. He takes the initiative and goes on the offensive from the very beginning in an attempt to create the most aggressive and accurate defense possible.
The legal process starts the minute you are arrested and taken into custody. It does not end until the final sentencing or the dismissal of your case. The law enforcement agency that performed the arrest has to meet with prosecutors to determine what charges will be filed, if any, and what bail may be required.
During the “pre-filing” period, getting to the bottom of the story is extremely important. It allows everyone involved to see what may have been left out of a police officer's arrest report. In some cases, providing the right type of information to the prosecutor at this particular time, may help them to decide to drop the case. If there is a possibility that an attorney can help avoid the filing of charges, the opportunity must be taken. In the long run, it can prevent a lengthy trial and long lasting legal nightmare.
To learn more about your particular situation please call us at 888-536-8948
Practice Areas
  • Assault and Battery
  • Drinking and Driving (DUI)
  • Drugs and Narcotics
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Rape and Sexual Charges
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Domestic Violence
  • Illegal Search and Seizure
  • Immigration and Crime/Post-Conviction Relief
  • Internet/Cyber Crimes
  • Probation/Parole Questions
  • Theft and Fraud
  • Asset Forefeiture

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"Jacek is on the best criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles. I would recommend him to anyone who needs an experienced defense attorney." Negin Yamini - Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer
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"Jacek Lentz is one of the hardest working and best criminal defense attorneys I know. I will go into the trenches with him anytime. "
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"Thanks to Jacek’s extensive knowledge of California’s medical marijuana laws, his dedication to my case and his tenacity in the courtroom, he was able to get my charges dismissed."

Terry Walker, San Diego
"He is the best at what he does, is honest and upfront about your situation, and works incredibly hard for you. He saved my life. "
.PP, Orange County, CA